CF Wrapper

Just a quick note that I finally put something in the Open Source Section of the site. It's just a basic (url shortener) wrapper in ColdFusion. It's hosted on github for anyone wanting to take a look

All it is right now is a CFC to shorten URLs and to expand links and a jQuery example on how to use it. Beware I currently restrict the URL shortening to on-domain links unless an 2nd argument is passed to the remote CFC with the value of "external", but this would be a quick change if you didn't want that functionality.

The api key is not required for the wrapper but Google highly recommends you use one if you'd like to use the analytics, which I hope to add to the wrapper in the future.

A link to this will always be in the Open Source Section of the site in the future since I know my frequent posting often pushes these links down quick...riiiiight.